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Information Technology

Real State Co.,Ltd.  is a revenue-based project company specializing in the IT sector. We are especially working in the field of website design and software development in Nepal. Not only that, our other services include mobile app development, digital marketing and graphics designing. We are your best IT partner and believe that website and digital marketing are the only ways to promote growing businesses digitally. We directly approach our goal and prove to be best with our clients by evaluating their resources in the best possible way. We are in the developing stage but never showcase it as our limitations. Our business empowers you and your company in the right manner so that there is a long-term relationship between clients, employees, and other stakeholders. 

Website Development

Real State Co.,Ltd. is here to offer you custom web designs that fit your needs. We identify your needs, determine the scope, create sitemaps and wireframes, determine the type of content, finalize the visual elements, and test and launch the website. Better web development will make your site look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless experience. With seamless UI, attractive design, and functionality built to target your audience, our experts at Softbenz will fulfill your every website needs

App Development

.The Best Mobile App Development in Nepal This is the era of smart devices and as such you must have a mobile app to stay on top of your competition. At Real State Co.,Ltd  we analyze your needs and develop the perfect Mobile application tailored made for your needs. Regardless of what your needs for the mobile app are, be it financial, educational, or information, with our team of expert developers, you will get the perfect mobile application to ensure that your users get the best experience with your business/organization.


Website redesign

We will refresh layouts, improve navigation and increase your conversion rate for a better website strategy. Your website is the face of your business. This is the foundation of your digital identity. Our website redesign services include:Website Audit , Industry Analysis , Identification of gaps , Preparation of Road Map.Our developer team will use people, processes, and technology to identify any gaps. We will identify how to better the UX, identify significant elements or other things that are distracting the visitors. 


Graphics Design

A picture is worth thousands, and a small graphic design can distinguish between success and obscurity. We, the last Real State Co.,Ltd. understand this very well, which is why our expert graphics designers collaborate to create the perfect graphical designs to impact your target audience across different platforms and media. If you are looking for the perfect designs to fulfil your needs, then Real State Co.,Ltd. is the best choice for you. Show your brand persona and seamlessly represent your ideas with the best graphic designs from us .

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